Wednesday, February 27

You,ve got talent: Emmanuel

Emmanuel is from Australia, but he was born in Irak. He  and his twin brother were abandoned by his mother inside a shoe box. He lived in an orphanage till his mum brought them to Australia.

You´ve got talent: Emmanuel

Wednesday, February 20



This is a tarsier, a very little monkey that lives in Asia. It eats insects, small birds and even bats. Its eyes are bigger than its brain.
The flying lizard can't fly, but it can jump long distance. And it is really ugly!!!

The platypus is a very strange animal. It is a mammal but it lays eggs. It is poisonous because its tail has a special needle. When a platypus attacks you, it is very, very painful.

The oarfish is a snake that lives in the sea. It can kill a man, but it is usually very pacefull.

This jelly-fish is very dangerous. It can kill an adult man in fifteen minutes.

Do you like this beautiful and nice bird?. It is a pitohui and lives in New Guinea. If you find one of this, don't touch it. It is very, very poisonous!!!!

One of the ugliest fish in the world is the Deep-sea anglerfish. It lives in the abyss of the oceans.

Wednesday, February 13


What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger: this is a lipdub made by children, parents, doctors,
nurses ...from a hospital where they fight together agaisnt cancer

Sronger- Seatle Children's Hospital


Stronger- Kelly Clarkson